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MAC Advisors associates are backed by many decades of hands-on experience in what really works in an organization/marketplace, as well as advanced degrees and training in coaching and leadership areas of study. We are thoroughly familiar with the overarching issues of leadership in the 21st century, and are dedicated “quick studies” in client-specific leadership and business challenges. We are known for our keen powers of observation and our comfort with urgency, ambiguity, and humanity. We also are experts in designing solutions tailored to specific client needs.

» Michael K. MacNeill

» Caroline MacNeill Hall, MA, PCC

» Flinn Dallis

» Grace Flannery, MS, PCC

» Larry Hall, PhD

» Hanna Clements-Hart, JD, CPCC

» Jeff Jacobson, PCC

» Anne Grete Mazziotta, MA, PCC

» Doug Peck, MS, PCC

» LA Reding, MEd, MCC

» Sabrina M. Roblin, CPCC

» Dianne Ansari-Winn, MD, MPH, CPCC


Michael K. MacNeill

Michael is the founding partner of MAC Advisors. For 20 years, he has advised executives in generating winning strategies, enhancing leadership skills, addressing board governance issues, sustaining high performance, and developing new business.

Michael has a long history of leading highly effective senior teams and facilitating leadership in a variety of industries. Formerly, he co-founded Lee Hecht Harrison's global leadership development/coaching practice. This multimillion dollar consultancy worked with senior leaders in Fortune 1000 companies in 150 locations throughout North America, Europe, Asia, Latin America, and the South Pacific. As head of this initiative, Michael managed global sales and strategic accounts, and designed and delivered leadership programs to senior executives.

Michael began his career in banking and real estate finance. For more than 25 years he sold, marketed, and developed commercial real estate. He was a broker, manager, and director of marketing for Coldwell Banker Commercial Real Estate and developed over $240 million worth of commercial property for his own firm, MacLand Properties, and for Fortune 1000 companies. He also was a partner in Bay Group, the consulting firm that created Visa International/USA's world headquarters.

Michael graduated from Occidental College, where he studied as a CORO research fellow. In 1995, he took a sabbatical to study with a well-known cultural anthropologist in the areas of leadership philosophies, advanced coaching, and ancient and contemporary models of individual and team participation/contribution.

Michael interviewed more than 50 “C Level” executives in leading US businesses and educational institutions to determine their leadership challenges, styles, and breakthrough approaches to creating bottom-line success. Michael has been featured as a speaker around the US on leadership effectiveness, breakthrough thinking, team building, and business development.

Michael's clients include Kaiser Permanente, Charles Schwab, Franklin Templeton, VISA, Omnicon, Levi Strauss, Wells Fargo Bank, Bank of America, Pacific Gas and Electric, and Grey Advertising, among many others.

Michael serves on the board of The Respect Institute, which provides youth and their influencers with the tools and vision to build self-respect and provide respect for all. He also serves on the leadership board of Futures Without Violence, a global organization dedicated to breaking the cycle of violence against women and children.


Caroline MacNeill Hall, MA, PCC

Caroline Hall, MA, PCC, is President of MAC Advisors, a firm specializing in leadership development, culture transformation, and influence-building via executive coaching and group initiatives. She also is senior faculty and curriculum developer for Coaches Training Institute (CTI), the premier coaching school in the world. Since 2000, Caroline has led more than 500 programs in coaching skills and leadership competencies across North America, Asia, and Europe.

Also a leader for CTI's Co-Active Leadership Program--a highly experiential, yearlong, emotional intelligence-based leadership incubator based in California, North Caroline, Tokyo, Istanbul, and Barcelona--Caroline challenges leaders to discover their impact they are most powerful, align their purpose with their organizations', and bring their visions to life.

Caroline's work spans the career spectrum. She has developed numerous custom group initiatives as well as several daylong courses that include:

  • Taking Charge of Your Career empowers new hires and individual contributors to define their signature strengths and proactively seek showcase projects as well as developmental feedback.
  • The Coach Approach for Managers is for anyone who manages or will manage others.
  • Executive Presence and Influence-Building grooms middle managers to expand influence, responsibility, and contribution--and take aim at their next promotion.

Caroline also is a partner in Life Reinspired, a program that help senior executives think through what it takes to cross the bridge to "refirement" and what they want to create on the other side.

Caroline has served organizations that include IBM, Fairview Hospitals, the Singapore Civil Service, 3M, US Bank, Northrup Grumann, Marriott Hotels, Kaiser Permanente, Adobe Systems, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Cargill, Procter and Gamble, the Stanford University Graduate School of Business, the Marin Community Foundation, the Federal Reserve Bank, Medtronic, LinkedIn, and Alliance Data, among many others. She is co-author of the 2009 book The Bigger Game: Why Playing a Bigger Game Designs Who You Want to Become.

Caroline received her BA in English from Williams College (Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude) and her MA in Human Development from St. Mary's University. Before she began coaching, Caroline had 20 years' experience in marketing communications as a copywriter, journalist, and ghost-author of 13 books, primarily in the field of psychology and advanced learning.


Flinn Dallis

A MAC Advisors senior leadership advisor, Flinn Dallis is also co-founder of New Work, LLC, a consulting partnership focused on emotionally intelligent leadership competencies embedded in a proprietary success model. Based on the proposition "Have More Fun, Get More Done," her work helps executive and functional teams build engagement and collaboration to create an energized, high-performance organizational climate.

Flinn left a 30-year career in the advertising industry and her position as COO of one of the largest creative departments in the industry to found New Work, LLC. During that time she became a recognized leader in the development of creative talent, in the creation of organizational structures in which that talent could thrive, and in the development of corporate leaders for this complex and demanding industry.  

During her career, the advertising industry and her company, Leo Burnett, one of the largest global networks in the industry, experienced dramatic transformation. As one of the executives responsible for successfully navigating a 400-person creative department through this turmoil, she was faced with a massive reduction in resources, a sense of disenfranchisement among key creative talent who had thrived in the old ways of the industry, and the requirement that the company produce more and better work with fewer and fewer people. From the driver’s seat, she successfully navigated that change process.  

Her successful industry leadership was recognized as she served on the Boards of the top five advanced degree advertising programs in the country. Professionals whom she trained, coached, and mentored are in leadership positions today across the industry and continue to seek her coaching.  

Now, as a coach and consultant, Flinn has the opportunity to carry the lessons learned from her career to other organizations and to do it from the perspective of one who has been there and knows the challenge of creating change as a positive experience.


Grace Flannery, MS, PCC

Grace Flannery is a senior leadership advisor with MAC Advisors.  She works with senior executives to develop their leadership “from the inside out” – ensuring that their actions are grounded in wisdom, aligned with their values, and powered by purpose.  She also works with individuals and groups to create and sustain powerful relationships, motivate from purpose, and produce results.  Grace applies her expertise in organizational development and relationship dynamics to build clients’ capacity for skillful execution of their leadership agenda.

Grace has over 25 years' experience in coaching, consulting, management, and board positions with organizations in philanthropy, the arts, education, trade associations, social equity, health, and social services.  As a leadership coach and trainer, she has worked with executives at corporations such as IBM, Marriott Hotels, and Cisco, as well as nonprofit organizations including the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, CompassPoint Non Profit Services, Asian and Pacific Islander Wellness Center, Physicians for Social Responsibility, New Leaf Services, and Horizons Foundation.   Earlier work with groups as diverse as the California Building Industry Association and the National Organization for Women give her a deep insight into the workings of advocacy, marketing, and social movements.

Grace received a BA in Chemistry from Manhattanville College (cum laude) and a Masters of Science degree in physical chemistry from the University of Illinois at Urbana.  She received coaching certifications from the Coaches Training Institute and the International Coach Federation.  She has studied Organizational and Relationship Systems Coaching with the Center for Right Relationship and World Work/Process Work with Arnold and Amy Mindell.  She draws on her graduate work in physics and chemistry to integrate their work with quantum mechanics, spirituality, and psychology.

Grace conducts trainings in co-active coaching and relationship systems coaching around the globe, as well as leadership development workshops for organizational clients throughout California.  She is a senior faculty member with the Center for Right Relationship and recently joined the faculty of the California Agricultural Leadership Foundation. She is also a strategic partner with Team Coaching International.


Laurence Hall, PhD

Larry Hall is a senior leadership advisor with MAC Advisors. He also is the co-founder of New Work, LLC, a consulting partnership focused on emotionally intelligent leadership competencies embedded in a proprietary success model. He consults on an international level with Fortune 500 and emerging entrepreneurial companies, professional service organizations, and industry associations in a variety of fields.  His clients have included Allied Signal, Allstate, AT&T, Bank of America, Bechtel, British Petroleum, General Electric, W.W. Grainger, Keebler, Orion, Motorola, The New York Times, Brinker International, Tenneco, and 3M.

Typical consulting assignments include strategic planning, reorganizations, cultural transformations, forming and strengthening corporate strategic alliances, business-to-business relationship marketing and sales, and team and individual executive development.

Larry began his research and direct consultation with high performance individuals, teams, and companies while a faculty member at the University of Chicago. In addition to researching corporate high performance, he researched high risk activities such as rock climbing, flight crews, and the military.  

He has been quoted, or his work described, in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and other major newspapers and magazines and has appeared on numerous national news shows, including the Today Show. Larry has been a featured speaker at corporate meetings and written and appeared in corporate and commercial videos on topics such as holding productive meetings, high performance teamwork, and creating and managing change.


Hanna Clements-Hart, JD, CPCC

A leadership advisor with MAC Advisors, Hanna brings a pragmatic and inspired approach to strategic planning, team-building, organizational conflict mediation, and leadership as she supports individuals and teams in developing bold initiatives and sustainable practices. 

The powerful alliance Hanna creates with her clients is both open and rigorous. She persistently challenges the status quo while encouraging creativity and meaningful goal-setting. The result is sustainable improvement in performance and satisfaction. Clients include Kaiser Permanente, The Nature Conservancy, and the Migratory Bird Conservation Partnership.

Hanna previously practiced law at internationally renowned Davis Polk & Wardwell, representing clients including JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley in financial transactions and advising clients around environmental risks in mergers and acquisitions. She also worked with Ehrenreich Eilenberg & Krause, a boutique firm representing small, high-tech Israeli companies. She has been an editor, a community mediator, and president of the board of a non-profit. An avid world traveler, Hanna regularly immerses herself in new environments while maintaining her internal compass, a skill which serves her and her clients well.

Hanna received her BA in philosophy, cum laude, from Yale College and earned a JD from the University of Virginia School of Law, where she helped found the Virginia Journal of Social Policy and the Law. She clerked for the Hon. Bernard G. Barrow on the Virginia Court of Appeals. Hanna completed coach training from Coaches Training Institute in San Rafael, California, the world’s premier coaching school, and is a member of the International Coach Federation.


Jeffrey A. Jacobson, PCC

Jeff is a senior leadership advisor with MAC Advisors.  He works with clients to manage change, enhance performance, discover cutting-edge solutions, and create sustainable working environments. His current roster consists of clients from all over the world who seek him out for his sharp, innovative insights.

Jeff co-founded Fork in the Road Learning with a mission to bring awareness to automatic thought processes based on the Ladder of Inference model. He uses this process to help clients eliminate their reactive habits in order to create fresh ways of working and communicating.

Prior to coaching and training, Jeff studied Asian culture and language for years throughout the East and Southeast Asian regions, and went on to teach Mandarin Chinese to business executives from Ford, Motorola, and Texas Instruments. Additionally, he has worked as an interpreter and translator.

For the past decade, Jeff has been on faculty at Coaches Training Institute (CTI), where he has taught thousands of students the inner workings of the coach approach to work and life. He has developed curriculum for new and innovative programs, supervised students throughout their certification program, and set the standard for top-level teaching and training.

Jeff also teaches CTI’s unparalleled Co-Active Leadership Program, in which entrepreneurs, managers, and executives work together in a retreat setting to ignite their inherent leadership strengths and create innovative projects for their organizations and communities. He is well-known for engaging his students to achieve optimum results with focus, ease, and finesse.

Jeff’s corporate client roster includes Ford Motor Company, Motorola, Texas Instruments, the Liquor Control Board of Ontario, Wells Fargo, Marriott Hotels, and Fairview Hospitals.

Jeff is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and belongs to the International Coach Federation. He graduated with a BA in Asian Studies and minor in Chinese from the University of Puget Sound, and did extensive post-graduate work in Chinese language and literature. When he is not coaching and faciitating, Jeff writes and performs on diverse issues such as politics, sexuality, and the joys of everyday life.


Anne Grete Mazziotta, MA, PPC

Anne Grete is  a senior leadership advisor with  MAC Advisors.  For the past 30 years, Anne Grete has proven her ability to coach, counsel, train, and motivate individuals and teams to achieve optimal results and sustainable careers.

Anne Grete is a senior faculty member for Coaches Training Institute (CTI), the largest coach training organization in the world. Since 1999, she has trained and coached thousands of students in North America, Europe, and Asia.  

Anne Grete also has led CTI's Co-Active Leadership Program, a highly experiential yearlong leadership incubator based in California, Tokyo, and Barcelona. In this context, she regularly challenged individual leaders to discover when they are most powerful, align their personal values with their organizations', explore their desired impact, and begin bringing their visions to life to the benefit of bottom line results. 

During the course of her career, Anne Grete has served client organizations that include Microsoft, CNN, Capgemini, IBM, Duke University, AT&T, Yale University, and PASOC.

Anne Grete received her BA in Psychology from the State University of New York at Oneonta  and her MA in Counseling Psychology from the State  University of New York at New Paltz.  She is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and member of the International Coach Federation (ICF). Additionally, Anne Grete is a graduate of the Organizational and Relationship Systems coaching curriculum offered by the Center for Right Relationship. She is certified in the use of the Team Diagnostic assessment tool.


Doug Peck, MS, PCC

Doug is a senior leadership advisor for MAC Advisors. A former executive and vice-president at AT&T and Lucent Technologies, Doug has 32 years of hands-on experience creating and managing teams through massive change and evolution. 

Doug has a long track record of helping people to identify and develop the skills they need to take their leadership to the next level—particularly in transitioning from technical to management responsibilities and from individual contribution to team-based achievement. He specializes in supporting people through personal and organizational change, and balancing interpersonal skills with strategic and technical problem-solving. Doug is endlessly curious about people, organizations, cultures, and uncovering how to make things work for his clients. Literally and metaphorically, he is an accomplished sailor in all kinds of weather.

At AT&T and Lucent Technologies, Doug began in software R&D, creating innovative system solutions to meet the needs of telecommunications, government, and management customers, including developing the first mainframe version of Unix licensed externally by Bell Labs. As he transitioned from technical expert to leadership and management responsibilities, Doug led large projects including the disaggregation of AT&T financial systems for the spin-off of Lucent Technologies. His responsibilities subsequently included global CIO responsibilities for Lucent’s financial operations. 

Since 2001, Doug has worked as an executive coach, consultant, and trainer. He teaches coaching internationally for the Coaches Training Institute and serves clients as diverse as the US Transportation Security Administration and Instituto EcoSocial, a leading coaching and consulting organization in Brazil. 

Doug received undergraduate degrees from Brown University in Electrical Engineering and Art History (one degree for the left brain, one for the right), and holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science from Stevens Institute of Technology. He is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, a member of the International Coach Federation, and a graduate of the Organizational and Relationship Systems Coaching curriculum of the Center for Right Relationship. He is also certified in a variety of assessment tools, such as the Leadership Circle and Team Diagnostic, to help pinpoint where investing in development can be most effective.


L.A. Reding, M.Ed., MCC

A senior leadership advisor with MAC Advisors, L.A. is a partner and co-founder in ARTful Leadership, LLC. She specializes in working with global leadership. L.A. has spent the last 26 years engaged in the exploration of cutting-edge technologies for change. Her specialties are: long-term excellent performance, sustainable self-motivated change, and leadership development. She engages with leaders to have them see and think in new, clear, and powerful ways. Her clients are able to focus their creative energy in ways that make a profound, measurable difference in their lives. L.A. specializes in creating powerful alliances designed to forward and enhance the lifelong process of human learning, effectiveness, and fulfillment. She is both wildly fun and profound. She makes learning simple, quick, and lasting.

L.A. is a Master Certified Coach and a member of the International Coaching Federation. As a leader for Coaches Training Institute, she is involved in the supervision and training of new coaches hroughout the world.  Her coaching company also delivers coaching skills for leaders in the corporate arena.

L.A. has worked successfully within the following companies: IBM, Microsoft, WL Gore, Marriott Hotels, Herman Miller, MS Society, AstraZeneca, Fidelity Investments, BC Dain Rauscher Corporation, Fairview Health Systems, IBM, Royal Bank of Scotland, Edina Real Estate, Romac International ChangeWorks, Inc, Corporate Habitude, CFA Consultancy (Edgeware, UK), Koriander (Stavenger, Norway), Cordial Company (Madrid, Spain), Gulf States Paper, Mid-Michigan Health Care,, and the University of Maine.


Sabrina M. Roblin, CPCC

Sabrina M. Roblin

Executive Experience Organizational Coach and Mentor Trainer

Sabrina's background as a manager and executive in different industries brings to her coaching and training, real life experience in the challenges that all decision-makers face in their work. Her leadership style combines the hard-to-find balance of holding relationship that inspires passion and engagement, with driving initiatives to successful outcomes.


Executive Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Leadership Development, Conflict Management, Relationship Dynamics. Leadership Communication.


Pacific Gas & Electric - Wells Fargo Bank - Medtronic - Stantec - CTI


The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) - CPCC, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach

CTI Co-Active Leadership Program
The Leadership Circle Profile
Collaborative leadership, Conflict resolution, Relationship Skills, the Four-

Fold Way, Angeles Arrien
Management Skills Training - Wells Fargo Bank Bachelor of Arts - San Francisco State University


2002-2015- The Coaches Training Institute, Chief Learning Officer, Faculty and Coach 1999-2002- Radiant Logic, Product Marketing and Communications Mgr

1998-1999- Interactive Media, Producer
1997-1998- Mattel Interactive, Producer
1995-1997- Broderbund Software, Producer
1988-1991- Wells Fargo Bank, Mgr Technical Support Statewide 1986-1988- Pacific Gas & Electric, Account Manager


Canada - China - France - Mexico - Korea - Netherlands - Spain - Turkey - UK

Dianne Ansari-Winn, MD, MPH, CPCC

Dianne is a physician and leadership advisor who is partnering with MAC Advisors to create one of our signature program offerings, a leadership training for medical professionals. Dianne’s current focus on coaching, leadership, and communication competencies was stimulated both by long observation of the healing power of listening and respect, along with the current emphasis on improved patient outcomes and efficiency as part of the health care reform movement. She is committed to help medical professionals lead more effectively, communicate better with patients and colleagues, and improve their job satisfaction. 

Dianne has been an anesthesiologist in private practice since 1997 in Denver, CO.  She also practices acupuncture and Integrative Medicine at Reliefpoint Medical Acupuncture in Denver, which she founded in 2010. Her partnership with MAC Advisors represents a powerful union of coaching and leadership consulting expertise with deep hands-on clinical experience as a practicing physician. 

Dianne received her Bachelor of Science, Medical Doctor, and Masters of Public Health degrees from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. She received her certification in co-active coaching from Coaches Training Institute and is a graduate of CTI’s renowned yearlong leadership incubator, the Co-Active Leadership Program.

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