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MAC Advisors specializes in one-on-one executive coaching focused on building key leadership competencies, expanding influence, personal branding, and presentation skills. We also design and deliver culture transformation and team-cohesion programs, strategic visioning and planning, executive career transition guidance, and organizational rightsizing initiatives.

In addition, our advisory services includes conflict resolution and other team-specific interventions as needed, along with a menu of training programs that enhance skills in stress management, communication, and coaching/collaborative leadership competencies. We also help clients improve their capabilities in allocating workforce resources, assessing and stepping up to calculated risks, fostering innovation, and cultivating new business opportunities. 

MAC Advisors President Caroline MacNeill Hall is also Co-Founder of Life Reinspired, a nine-month program designed to help senior leaders cross the bridge to their next chapter of life by creating a "refirement" plan suffused with fulfillment and meaning. Visit for more information.


MAC Advisors delivers the following benefits to our clients:

Expanded sphere of influence and impact: We enhance senior executives’ ability to become and remain mission-critical.

Resonant cultures: We help teams to clarify their purpose and values, align principles of engagement accordingly, and master skills necessary to live into those principles with efficiency and camaraderie.

Alignment: Driving a robust bottom line requires boards and senior teams to align action after hearing all points of view; getting there is our sweet spot. 

Leaders who listen: We help leaders tap into the collective genius of their organizations by building critical observation skills plus the ability to zero in on the best answers in the room. 

Blind spots revealed: We shine a spotlight on the individual and team blind spots that sabotage excellent performance.

Retention: It takes irresistible challenges, learning, meaningful/fascinating work, and positive recognition to retain key people; we work with leaders to put all those factors into place. 

Positivity = Productivity: We help our clients create trust-based environments where people can really talk to each other and innovate—and where there is laughter in the halls.

The right people in the right positions: We help leaders help their people to discover what fascinates and engages them so that they can maximize the impact of their job functions. Because our executive clients tend to get promoted, we help them plan their lines of succession. We also work with executives in transition to identify and seize their next best opportunity.

Clear career and life path: We help our clients create clarity around designing the career and "after-career" that reflect who they are, their most valued strengths, and what they care about most.


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