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MAC Advisors builds assured leadership and teamwork amidst rapid change and burgeoning globalization. Peak organizational performance these days hinges on leaders and teams who are at once talented and inspired, innovative and disciplined, nimble and proactive, and steady as she goes. We help senior leaders and teams find the top of their game—and stay there.

MAC Advisors takes a stand around the power of emotionally intelligent leadership to achieve outstanding results as it catalyzes culture transformation. We offer deep experience and expertise in the relationship-building, “lead-from-behind” leadership styles that inspire and empower teams and improve organizational mood and productivity.

Sustainable high performance doesn't have to be a struggle. We are dedicated to the proposition: “Have More Fun, Get More Done.” The MAC Advisors team knows that high positivity goes hand-in-hand with high engagement which, in turn, drives results that are at once unimaginable and measurable.

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MAC Advisors team members are senior leaders and coaches with a proven track record in facilitating outstanding performance in good times and bad—and you can't imagine how well we listen.

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